Friday, March 23, 2007


Damn. While everybody's been sitting around reviving old plays and dicking around with flaccid new ones, Anonymous Ensemble went out, took one of the oldest plays out there (Oedipus Rex) and made it one of the freshest, most original ones around. Trippy multimedia punk rock burlesque dance show and a stiltwalking emcee, OEDIrx has the unmistakably vibrant feel of youth and the unstoppable passion of inspiration. It's a testament to how impressed I was with the show that even though I couldn't make out most of the lyrics of the six Hype-inducing songs, I was having a good enough time watching all the pretty, digital images being created live (and somewhat randomly) that it didn't even matter.

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Patrick Lee said...

Oh great. Another one that sounds hot that I can't possibly schedule. ;)

Anonymous said...

change your schedule

David Bell said...

oooh! is that a hot guy alert i see??

Christopher said...

Mmm.... you used "dicking" and flaccid" in the same sentence... Where's the doctor when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Kids, kids, kids... you'll get another chance to see OEDIrx .. in fact, looks like it might just be in August for a certain festival where ice is made. Oh yeah... so schedule that in your digital model.
--a Bester