Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Director

This multimedia work plays in and out of the conceit that it is a recreation of interviews with the victims of a lecherous (and pedophiliac) director. At first, the play bored me: Jessica Davis-Irons' choice to have Shooter, a stoner, watching TV in the corner throughout all the scenes (even before the play) seemed to be grasping at straws, and an early scene where four stoned friends just listen to one of the interviews in the darkness was way too heady to follow. But Davis-Irons finds an interesting blend of recorded feeds (none of which reveal the face) along with actual actresses delivering monologues to creep us out, even though the show ends too abruptly for it the androgynous dolls and dream sequences to sink in. What sells this show, though, are Sadie's confrontations with her lesbian friend and her jealous boyfriend: Lauren Shannon plays a confused but brazen Sadie, and her empathy for the director is both creepy and heartfelt.

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