Friday, March 30, 2007


I've come to expect good things from Ensemble Theatre, and their latest presentation, Serendib (part of the First Light Festival), is a serendipitous gem. Using agile, arm-throttling puppetry (designed by Emily DeCola) and working off a wryly comic but intelligent script (about scientists and monkeys, no less!) by David Zellnik, this jungle-themed show is an engaging work of parallels between man and ape. The conclusion drawn--that "we all eat at the same banquet of fears and desires"--isn't exactly surprising, nor is the plot's presentation, but the puppets are great, and the fluid way in which Carlos Armesto has managed to have the actor leap from their human role to their monkey alter-ego makes for a theatrically promising evening. Plus: more puppet sex than Avenue Q -- and a monologue during one particularly vigorous rutting. Who can pass that up?

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