Saturday, March 31, 2007


Attention: you've got the rest of this weekend, and this weekend only, to catch Doublethink, by Rotozaza, at PS122, before this marvelously human exhibition vanishes from the stage. This double-blind experiment in trust, communication, and committment is absolutely thrilling, and even after the whole thing becomes a wonky avant-garde display, our two surrogate guest performers (on my night, Steve Cuiffo and Theo Kogan), are too innocent to make us feel as if we've been used or toyed with in any way. For all the instructions they're fed in private (or publically, for the first thirty minutes), they're still ultimately as much in the dark as us, and it's a thrilling Space Mountain-like ride for those of us willing to follow down the rabbit hole. And but so then plus, my personal commendation to Neil Bennun and Silvia Mercuriali for so smoothly operating that ride; I couldn't ask for better Mad Hatters and White Hares.

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Vallejo said...

THe company also have an other similar sounding but very different show opening on THursday also at PS122 - FIVE IN THE MORNING

In Five in the Morning, three willing guests take instructions from the loudspeakers of Aquaworld, an enormous swimming pool complex. Clothed in swim suits, clutching towels, they do what they're told. At first hilarious and fun, their predicament transforms slowly into a strange and powerful reality. Teeth-grinding, disturbing, hilarious and addictive, Rotozaza's 'minimal masterpiece' explores the thin line between theatrical illusion and deceit.