Monday, March 24, 2008

Burning My Dreams To The Ground

**** (...out of five stars)
Michael Weller Theater

Full disclosure! This story-spieler is a friend of mine (we were both stationed in Normandy during the war). I caught the final dress rehearsal of Gregory Marcel's one person meditation on the success of failure and am happy to report that he is giving us a funny, intense, brisk, evening of engaging storytelling. Like seriously. Drawing on his own experiences as a child in Jersey and then a working actor in New York, he narrates his own personal search for that elusive concept known as "fulfillment". Mostly conversational with plenty of hysterical impersonations along the way (I was partial to his drunk horny chick character), his expressive personality and friendly chatty rapport with the audience was just so damn charming. Thumbs up old school. Oh yeah- and he's hot.
Runs till March 30th. Hurry. For more info and tickets go here.

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