Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rainbow Kiss

Photo/Carol Rosegg

A lot of so-called mature plays out there just talk about how awful life is and lapse into theatrical tricks when it comes down to showing the gritty truth. Simon Farquhar's Rainbow Kiss doesn't pull any tricks, just like it doesn't pull any punches: this is most jolting play I've seen this year. It is as unsettlingly angry as Martin McDonagh (free of farce), as comically tragic as Conor McPherson (minus mysticism) and messy only in its Scottish slang and uncompromisingly dirty view of life. It takes the best of Abby Spalleen's Pumpgirl (the grimy poetics), Mark O'Rowe's Terminus (the rhythmic cursing), and Robert Farquhar's Bad Jazz (the dissonant energy), and puts a lot of other very good shows to shame. With exceptionally physical direction from a fearless Will Frears and outstanding performances from the cast, most notably the anti-heroic Peter Scanavino, Rainbow Kiss is a must-see play.

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