Friday, March 07, 2008

Thank For The Scabies, Jerkface!

***1/2 (...out of 5)

Frigid Festival

This is yet another fine example of me racing to a show simply because of its title. Sexually transmitted parasites? Jerkfaces? It reeks of high drama. Dan Bernitt, one of the latest in a crop of emerging one-person-showpeople, treats us to a handful of stories many of which deal with the horrifying embarrassment of being a young adult. Topics such as tubes up the urethra to parents who talk to stuffed animals to yes, scabies, are presented in a fresh, charming and wholly engaging way by our bright hero. All the more impressing is this darling chap is only 21 years old. At 21, I also caught scabies but I wasn't nearly organized enough to write a show about it.

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