Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Mikado

Victoria Clark, Kelli O'Hara
Photo: Jennifer Broski
There are (rare) times in life when we get to experience perfection. One of mine was last night--listening to Kelli O'Hara's simple, elegant, gorgeous version of "The suns whose rays are all ablaze." Perfect.

The entire evening was glorious. Who could ask for anything more than The Mikado performed by O'Hara, Christopher Fitzgerald, Victoria Clark, the Collegiate Chorale, and the American Symphony Orchestra (under Ted Sperling's able baton)?

I could: that it turns into a production, rather than a one-nighter, and that it runs for years.

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Robert said...

IS Vicki still in stage makeup? If not, whoever styled her shoot be shot. She's naturally so beautiful, but that pic makes her look garish.