Saturday, August 18, 2007

Riding The Bull

photo: Jonathan Slaff

What a whimsical, charming parable! This two person comedy about God, greed, guilt, and love is just further evidence that the Fringe Festival is acquiring better and better material every year. Skinny rodeo clown, GL teams up with fat rancher, Lyza in a lucrative partnership that sends them both on those life changing journeys that good playwrights write about. Direction is tight and our actors (Will Ditterline and Liz Dailey) are loaded with that in-spite-of-themselves charm that makes this production happily gallop along. I noticed that there are no Texan credits for the director and the cast, and though, as stated, this is a great production, our characters were a little more generically southern than down home rural Texan. This born and bred Texan thinks that this play would be PERFECT for Stages Repertory in Houston, Texas.

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