Friday, May 28, 2010

Promises, Promises with Sarah Jane Everman

The sweet-voiced and comically gifted Sarah Jane Everman filled in quite ably for Kristin Chenoweth at last night's performance. But really the show belongs to its main character, Chuck, played with elastic vivacity by the brilliant Sean Hayes, who though best known for TV's Will and Grace turns out to have boundless stage energy and a very nice singing voice to boot. And a big chunk of the second act is blown up to bursting by the hilarious Katie Finneran as Marge MacDougall, the inebriated sexpot Chuck meets in a bar after things have really spiraled down for him. Overall, the revival manages to be both supremely cynical and humorously high-stepping, with a happy ending that only slightly relieves the story's sour attitude towards love and especially marriage. Read the full review, first published as Theater Review (NYC): Promises, Promises with Sean Hayes and Sarah Jane Everman on Blogcritics.

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