Sunday, June 24, 2018

Everyone's Fine With Virginia Woolf

The Elevator Repair Service's production of Everyone's Fine With Virginia Woolf, written by Kate Scelsa and directed by John Collins, is a rollicking feminist take down of/tribute to Edward Albee's masterpiece. Making the original show's subtext in-your-face overt, with a thick overlay of queer interpretation and joyous camp, the show veers from insanely wonderful Tennessee Williams' monologues (by the brilliant Vin Knight as George) to a visit to hell with a PhD student. The main section, the parody itself, bursts with zip, sexuality, and fabulous bad jokes. The hell section suffers from a drop-off of energy, but features an amazing version of "The Second Time Around," presented by Knight as a combination of satirical cabaret and legitimate singing. I'm not totally sure that all the critical parts of the show are fair to what Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf actually is, but the Elevator Repair Service's version bursts with humor and brilliance. The rest of the amazing cast includes Annie McNamara as Martha, April Matthis as Honey, and Mike Iveson as Nick.

Annie McNamara, Vin Knight
Photo: Joan Marcus
Wendy Caster
(press ticket, first row)

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