Monday, June 07, 2010

Joking Apart

Photo: Gili Getz

Chalk up another success for the T. Schreiber Studio. Its latest production, Joking Apart, does full justice to Alan Ayckbourn's hysterically sad, sadly hysterical story of the golden, lucky Richard and Anthea and their not-so-golden, not-so-lucky, frankly envious friends. Taking place over twelve years, Joking Apart limns the erosions of relationships, the dreams that don't come true, and the humiliation of not living up to one's own standards. Despite this grim description, the play is a riot, and director Peter Jensen and actors Alison Blair, Michael J. Connolly, Anisa Dema, James Liebman, Sebastian Montoya, Michael Murray, Stephanie Seward, and Aleksandra Stattin manage both the heartbreak and the humor with assurance.

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