Sunday, June 22, 2008


Heist has a killer opening, as mastermind plotter The Sturgeon (Rachel Jablin) goes over their plans for a bank job with associate Seahorse (Jeff Clarke). To distract passersby from the sound of Blowfish's (Amanda Boekelheide) explosions, they're going to infiltrate "a one-woman show set in Indira Ghandi's vagina." To keep things interesting, things go wrong: Seahorse falls for Ophelia (Tracy Weller), the vain vaginalist, and Blowfish is forced to turn on her comrades in order to get the necessary explosives out of the sneering Jaguar (Christopher Ryan Richards). If you can get past the fact that the pieces of Paul Cohen's plot never lock together (Ocean's Thirteen, this is not), the show has plenty of individually funny bits, from Jacques Coolidge, the taste-making theater blogger who "steers the ship of culture to the dangerous shoals of invention" and "blogs directly to [the audience's] loins," to Ophelia's script ("The velvet vulva of inchoate yearning"). Just listen to Maureen Dowd's vagina: go see Heist, go see Heist!

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