Friday, August 20, 2010

Fringe: Evan O'Television in Double Negatives

Evan O'Sullivan calls his act "conceptual comedy," and the televised version of himself--his partner--jokes that "if we called it performance art, nobody would come." When the two are in sync--or deliberately out of it, as with one gag--Double Negatives is delightful: it's self-self-deprecating humor. (Consider one skit in which the televised Evan plays a therapist who is attempting to treat the live Evan's psychotic habit of "talking to himself.") Entertaining as this "renowned one-man duo" is at first (O'Sullivan's mirthful similarity to Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet doesn't hurt), the gimmick exhausts itself after a half-hour. It doesn't help that "both" actors are the straight man and that the live Evan often has to mumble extra text to stay on cue--the show needs some fine tuning (pardon the pun).

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