Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy in the Poorhouse

Photo: Larry Cobra

The first time I saw Happy in the Poorhouse, five months ago, I gave it a well-deserved rave review. I have now seen two other Amoralist productions (Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side and Amerissiah), plus Happy in the Poorhouse for a second time, and I remain impressed by this original, scrappy, intense, funny, smart theatre company. However, I am curious--and a little worried--to see what the future holds for the Amoralists. If author-director Derek Ahonen continues to work in his cartoonish-yet-three-dimensional manner, will it continue to be effective? Or will it grow into a rut? Will the attractive, talented Sarah Lemp and James Kautz get the opportunity to show their full ranges, which I suspect are impressive? Will all the actors get to show what they can do when they are not yelling? Whatever direction the Amoralists take, I look forward to their future productions.


Anonymous said...

The writer/director's name is DEREK Ahonen.

Wendy Caster said...

Thanks. I corrected it in the review.