Friday, April 20, 2007

Dixie's Tupperware Party

Ars Nova

"I'm so excited I could vomit blood!" announces Dixie Longate, Tupperware's dirty little secret. I assume this burpable container corporation never expected a foul mouthed homosexual in a dress would hock their wares but with this sassy, catty, trashy one man show, Dixie has officially become their #1 top selling sales representative. How funny is that?? I am a sucker for a good drag queen (they're clowns but instead of their core audience being children theirs is drunk gay guys) and this is a damn hilarious one with a hysterical gimmick. With every audience member receiving a catalogue you can order whatever item Dixie presents to us in between candid asides about her sordid personal life. She is quick to point out that that cupcake holder also doubles as a jello shot tray. I highly recommend this show.

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