Monday, April 02, 2007


TBG Arts Center

(pronounced sit-you-wit -as in the sea town in Massachusetts) The stakes could not be any higher as playwright, Martin Casella, has chosen to begin Act 1, Scene 1 on the eve of the death of a man's lover. Stewart Lombardi, so distraught that he doesn't know what to do with himself, takes to his bed and will not get up. (I know this person very well.) This wonderfully acted play carefully takes you to that place where you are reminded of people you have lost in your life and allows you to muse over what that person meant to you- which can be difficult and wonderful at the same time. It also reaffirms that it's okay to be a self-indulgent mess... at least for a while. Though Scituate does invite you to believe in the supernatural, which I think somewhat betrays the realistic quality the play establishes, there is an honesty here that makes this a special night (or afternoon) at the theater.

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