Sunday, April 15, 2007


CAP21 productions, cast with second year music-theatre students at NYU, are a good place to see raw young talent in an intimate setting. Although often entertaining and smartly staged on a shoestring, these threadbare productions are more about giving the students a chance to put their training to use than about production value; they aren't open for review and I'm going to honor that. Still, I have to say that braving the rainstorm to drop in on the promising young people in Pippin was a pleasure and that one Larkin Bogan, who confidently fleshed out every moment as Pippin, is on my "To Watch For" list.


Unknown said...

Amazing show, and Larkin Bogan is undeniably a star in the making. I had never seen him before but was totally blown away!

Patrick Lee said...

I really want to see him in something else. Now.