Sunday, October 14, 2007

Me, Myself, I and the Others

This absurdist comedy is a madcap look inside one's mind: and yes, it's about as disorganized in there as you'd expect. The setting is proper fantasy: Jian Jung's set is between the blinking lights and white walls of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and the "functionality" of the Starship Enterprise. The costumes are loose and wild too: half lab coat, half straitjacket, Oana Botez-Ban then adds a peeping garter, some wacky rubber gloves, and a tutu or two. Dechelle Damien's script, like her co-direction (Kimberlea Kressal also directs), is torn between being an experience and providing a narrative of the unseen protagonist. The cast is committed enough to be certifiably committed, and Karly Maurer, playing the most organized of the many manifestations of the mind, brings Felicity Huffman to mind. Still, the show seems more suited for an exhibition gallery, where one can walk in, out, and interact as they please, than it does as a full-on play.

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