Saturday, October 20, 2007


(photo credit: buncha headshot photographers)

Edward Albee once stated that in terms of directing a production, casting is 90% of the job. He was right and one need look no further than Spain , a very funny yet somewhat flawed comedy, to see this notion in action. About a divorcee who seems to conjure up a real live Spanish conquistador in her living room, Jim Knable's script does certainly provide actors with rich, colorful characters and every one of this 5 person cast brings so much to the table. From Michael Aronov's hyper-virile Spaniard, to Annabella Sciorra's needful, heartbroken divorcee, to Erik Jensen's douchey ex-boyfriend, to Lisa Krohn's hysterical multi-roled chameleon-festival we have some of the best casting I have seen this year. And can we just talk about the gorgeous, statuesque Veanne Cox? Known for her quirky, offbeat style, as the worried best friend, she brings to this play an odd, charming, confused lilt that made it impossible for me to take my eyes off of her whenever she was onstage. So the play- as mentioned before, it is very funny- especially when we're dealing with getting our conquistador's boots off the living room table-but the story tends to meander and slack at places when more structured plotting would have bolstered its savory one-liners. Overall though, I sat among a very engaged and happy audience which is always a good sign of a recommendable production.

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