Monday, October 29, 2007

Milk 'n' Honey

Photo/Benjamin Heller

Like a chef's tasting menu, LightBox uses Milk 'n' Honey as a food-oriented pulpit to cram a lot of diverse theater down your throat. It's all quite agreeable, it's delectably plated (with a multimedia bent), and the servers are talented actors (as most waiters are, ha!), but the lack of a main course is ultimately a little unsatisfying. All of the different plots and characters on display made me feel engorged, and too much of the very real drama seemed mined for comedy (such as the excerpts from Michael Pollan's excellent The Omnivore's Dilemma). More digestible perhaps, and certainly more theatrical, but not very potent. Given all the loose ends, portions of the show seemed like fast food, but all the pieces together were a hearty meal that, while not wholly filling, were certainly interesting to try.

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