Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Fantastiks

Snapple Theater Center

There's nothing more charming and inspiring than a small business bravely struggling in the great American marketplace. There's a new fruit and tea flavored beverage out there called "Snapple" (pictured!) and I want everyone to go out and scour the delis and grocery stores and buy it (I'm not sure if it's just in New York or if it's made it to other cities by now)! Reason being is that even though this "Snapple" is still in its infancy as a business, it has managed to set aside what must be an enormous percentage of their profits and opened their own theater! Granted, the space is so wide that there are more seats in the side sections than there are in the center section, and granted the stage is the size of a Volkswagen and granted the ceiling is so low that there is barely any rake to speak of in the audience seating and the lights hover a foot or so over the actor's heads and granted stomping and thumping noises from The Perfect Crime directly upstairs continuously interrupt the performances but kudos to "Snapple" for giving it the old college try!

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