Monday, June 04, 2007



How many times have you heard the phrase "Well MY God would never..." etc? Religion is such a horribly subjective institution and playwright/performer, Rinde Eckert, has quite a few opinions of his own concerning that high maintenance, tempermental bitch known as Christianity. In a very slick, hyper-theatrical way, Rinde, playing a fired professor of theology, along with the help of a couple of well cast helper actors, walks us through a few of the parables, a few of the belief paradigms, a few of the major buzz words ("ethics" for example) and offers us his own intellectual spin. This is an excellent play of ideas that makes the controversial point that a Christian who doesn't open their mind and question their faith is not a very good Christian at all. Complete with a healthy dose of singing, busy, tight staging, and a fun play within a play concept, we have ourselves here a very lively, thought provoking night at the theater (even for an athiest douchebag like myself!).

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