Thursday, June 21, 2007

From Riverdale to Riverhead

Did the three annoying, aging Bronx mothers of From Riverdale to Riverhead put a hit out on Studio Dante to get them to produce this show, or did Anastasia Traina's fourth character, the more intellectual Rosie (Bess Rous) confuse the producers into thinking this was something more than a tedious drama stuck in comic reverse? Dodging gaping plot holes by driving the premise into the ground, the show floors the dialogue so that nobody has a chance to catch on, but because all the "action" takes place within the repetitive space of a car, it's not hard to spot how strained this show is. There's really just endless streams of cursing and intermittent honking, with little attempt at plot. The characters are convinced that they're theatrical, but because director Nick Sandow has let them go so over the top, they are anything but. I can't think of a worse road trip I've ever been on; skip this so-called show and walk instead.

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